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Deborah A. Wright performs her one-of-a-kind dramatizations for audiences across the nation.  She can evolve from a rebellious clay pot to a suicidal urban crackhead in a matter of minutes. Her unique stories have life messages skillfully interwoven between layers of laughter, tears and inspiration. Deborah portrays Biblical characters such as the Woman at the Well, the Woman with the Issue of Blood and Esther.  She has been called a "modern-day Moms Mabley" by some with her zany characters, Cuz'n Paint notorious for her not so accurate recollection of events, Memaw Wims and some of her hilarious co-horts at her church, and you can't leave out Sister Minnie Mae Crickwater and the folk at DaLawd and Associated, the premier agency for under-utilized gifts in the Church.

Deborah also portrays a host of historical characters, when requested.  She is a storyteller supreme!  She pulls her audience into each story. They emerge feeling that they have been on a journey alongside what ever character she is portraying.  Deborah specializes in interactive stories, passing out props and costume pieces to some unsuspecting participant(s) in the audience. No one ever knows how the story will end! "Who Stole the Pastor's Chicken?" never ends up quite the same!

Her workshops are truly unique, games, prizes and full of surprises. They make excellent FUNdraisers.  Her experience in business as an entrepreneur for many years, nonprofit development, Minister of the Gospel and storytelling, all merge together to provide an exciting time for all attendees. Deborah encourages her audience to explore all that God has for them, regardless of their age. Deborah is a great choice for a Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator on topics such as Leadership, Team Building, Getting Back on Track, Goal Setting, Spriritual Enrichment or simply an afternoon of wholesome entertainment.

Deborah is a Transformation Coach and certified to administer several D.I.S.C. personality profiles that often give participants inside information to aid them down their personalized path to discovering their God-ordained purpose.  She has co-authored a book with her own mentors, world-renown motivator Les Brown and the dynamic duo from Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

 Some of her titles include:

Live til You Die!

The Five Lives of the Woman at the Well

When They Call You Leah

The Story of Esther

Caught in the Very Act!

Will the Real Prince Charming Please Bring My Shoe Back!

So You Didn't Marry Boaz....How to Still Emerge as a Proverb 31 Woman.

Sometimes You've Got to Kill the Raven!

Sweaty Dreams

Who Killed Shiny Jacobs?

Ghetto Cinderella

Salt Pork Sally

The Year Uncle Bubba Jack Died

   and many, many more.

Break free from the same old, same old

and rise to another level!

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